Switchblades are a type of knife characterized primarily by its ability to be opened with one hand using one thumb on the blade. They have been around since as early as the late 1800s, and they typically employ either manual opening or spring-driven action. Switchblades usually fit within a length of between 3 and 12 inches. They provide an attachment point for handcuffs that is far superior to any handcuff release possibilities found in other types of knives. 

There are also some types of switchblades that will not open unless pressure is applied to the rear end (i.e. the butt end) of the knife, to prevent accidental opening. One important thing to remember about these blades is that they are illegal in many states, and there are those who consider them a public safety hazard. However, switchblade manufacturers have made efforts to address this problem by designing cool knives that meet certain standards and specifications. 

For example, the blade must be 3 inches or less in length when closed; this allows police officers to determine an individual's intent if he is found with an otherwise illegal switchblade but has a knife that meets certain dimensions. Another factor considered by some states when allowing switchblades within their borders is whether or not these knives can be opened with one hand using only one thumb on the blade.

Notable Design and Features of Switchblades

A switchblade or switch-blade is a folding knife with a long blade that opens automatically by pressing a button or lever on top of the handle. The features of switchblades include: it has an opening blade, may have some form of spring mechanism to help with the opening process, and can be made out of metal, plastic or ceramic. Switchblades are typically shorter than other cool pocket knives and designed for fast use in close combat. 

Different types of Switchblades are illegal in Canada and many other countries but legal in the United States because they're considered outside-line weapons under US law because they rely on mechanical action without ammunition being fired from the barrel. Most switchblade knives have opening mechanisms that are spring-loaded and catch the blade against a button or lever. When the knife is opened, the blade snaps into position and locks into place.

The most common form of switchblade currently in use is the spring-loaded blade, such as the butterfly knife. Other forms include belt-buckle knives (whereby the main body has a wire belt buckle shape), straight-line knives (where a straight edge makes contact with various surfaces to open the knife), and rotary knives (a barrel cutter which rotates into place when fully extended). Some people have developed their own designs for home building of their own personal switchblade styles without regard to any laws.

The switchblade is a type of knife and therefore a weapon. The presence of a spring-loaded blade on the top of the handle is by itself reason for them to be considered weapons. Also, when one inserts their finger behind the blade, it could become an offensive weapon. Thus, they are outlawed in many countries.

Switchblades are available in many colors and designs as well as in multiple blade lengths. Some simple designs consist of a single line along the entire length of the blade, while others have blades that change from line to line or incorporate some sort of pattern into their appearance—the latter two may be more difficult to manufacture but these kinds are also more expensive overall.

Cool Types of Switchblades

What is a switchblade? A switchblade is a knife with one side of the blade that can be flicked open or closed by pressing or releasing a button on the handle. Switchblades are illegal in some countries. Different types of Switchblades were discovered many centuries ago and have been used around the world by people from all walks of life for thousands of years. 

These types of blades were popularized in the United States during the late 1800s and early 1900s, when gangsters carried them as symbols and weapons against law enforcement officers, identifying themselves as criminals "with steel" (with shiny chrome plating). Here are five cool types of switchblades:

1. Gut Hook Skinning Knife

The gut hook blade is the standard switchblade knife among hunters. It has a gut hook at its tip that can cut an animal's hide easily. Most hunters use the gut hook skinning knife to skin their hunted animals. It has a narrow blade and is sharp on both edges. The handle is plastic and made to be light. These types of knives are available in all knife stores for about $30 (or more depending on the store).

2. Butterfly Knife

The butterfly switchblade is one of the most popular types of switchblades in the United States and Europe, as well as other countries globally. It looks much like a folding knife, but instead of a single blade, the butterfly knife has two. It's made especially for close combat fighting. If you open it in a fast motion, the blades will suddenly pop up from its handle and attack the opponent. 

The handle of this knife looks like a normal folding knife with one more button below the blade when it is opened. When only partially opened, the butterfly blade can be hidden by flipping it upwards. This type of switchblade can be purchased at about $50 (or more depending on the store).

3. Push Button

Push button switchblades are made for civilians. It is designed to have a push button that can be easily opened by the forefinger and middle finger simultaneously. Push buttons are made to be opened by one hand, making these types of knives very easy to use. Because it is not very sharp, most people use it as an everyday carry (EDC) knife. These types of switchblades are available anywhere that sells pocket knives for about $40 (or more depending on the store).

4. Automatic Knife

Automatic switchblade knives are illegal in some countries because they are considered dangerous weapons. They are not as common as other types of switchblades. They use a spring to automatically open the knife when the button on the handle is pressed down. These types of knives are made by illegal manufacturers, similar to automatic guns. 

Some people consider these types of knives "bogus" switchblades because anybody can buy them and start using them for self-defense, which makes them more dangerous than folding knives with blades that cannot be opened by hand alone, even illegal ones. Automatic knives are usually only found at gun shows or online on sites such as eBay if they are legal to sell in that country. They're also sometimes seen in movies and TV shows such as "The Matrix" and "Final Destination".

5. Spear Point

Spear point switchblades look like a large hunting knife with a spear-like blade. It is mostly used by fishermen, who use it to cut nets and other supplies they need for fishing. Spear point switchblades are legal in all countries since it's not considered a weapon and does not have the same legal status as other types of switchblades.

Get Yourself a Switchblade

If you're looking for a good knife to carry around for self-defense, then it's important to know about the different types of knives out there. A switchblade is also called an automatic or flick knife, and is a folding pocket knife with a blade that springs out automatically when the user presses a button on the handle.

Before buying one, make sure that you're permitted by law to carry it in your state. If not, then learn how to use other (legal) self-defense methods in case of an emergency. The bottom line: it's better to be safe than sorry! So be sure you know what your state laws are before purchasing and using this type of knife.

Different types of Switchblades are legal to carry in all states (except California, Colorado, Hawaii and New York), but they are illegal in Federal parks or buildings. Check the laws in your state to be sure that you're allowed to carry a switchblade.

In order to open a switchblade, first rotate the shield on top of the knife so it's perpendicular to the handle. Then, press down on the spring-loaded button with your thumb and use your index finger to pry up on the blade of the knife. Continue opening it until it locks into place. For many people who have never used one before, it can be tricky at first to use this type of knife.