5 Cool knives to carry for protection

The knives called cool knives are some of the most common tools used in self-defense because they are easily accessible and simple to use. The choice of which knife to carry depends on your needs, such as whether you spend a lot of time outdoors or travel through dangerous areas.

Knives can be used in many different situations and when attacked certain blades provide much better protection than others. Edged weapons are important as survival and self defense weapons because of their versatility. They can be used to cut away cord or clothing, stab an attacker, slice food, create a fire starter, build a shelter and much more!

To reduce the possibility of infection from puncture wounds: Carry some kind of disinfectant with you at all times. This will help to prevent wound infections. You can also carry over-the-counter medications for pain relief and fever reduction.

Why Should Women Carry Knives for Self Defense?

Security and self-defense are paramount for all women! With the increased occurrence of sexual assault, especially with guns involved, the need for self-defense is becoming more vital. There are many different methods that can be used to fend off an attacker; knives and home defense devices are just two of them. 

A knife may be one of your best options if you're looking to protect yourself from an offender. There are many different types of cool knives that can be used in self-defense, and they all have different qualities (including the type of blade on the knife). 

One of the most popular types of knives that can be used to protect yourself from an attacker is a straight or fixed blade knife. A straight or fixed blade knife's blade runs from one end to the other, with no holes or bends. Here are the 5 cool knives women should carry for self defense:

1. Pocket Knives

You may have heard that cool pocket knives are perfect for self defense. And if you know anything at all about them, you undoubtedly believe this to be the truth. But are they really the best way to fight back?

Pocket knife

Pocket knives are not just used as weapons; they can also come in handy as a utility tool on camping trips or picnics. And while some people say that an edged weapon is only good for one-on-one fighting, some might disagree.

These knives became so popular in the United States during the 19th century that almost everybody had one. They were generally used for opening packages, cutting twine or rope, and performing minor repair work at the farm or factory. But as time went on, people started using them for more than just everyday chores; they also began fighting back against their attackers!

Yes, pocket knives are considered by many people to be dangerous weapons. They can hurt someone badly if they’re used incorrectly and have a reputation for being violent weapons—but this is only true if you don’t know how to use one properly.

2. Fixed Blade Knives

These knives are a very serious tool and should not be taken lightly. Fixed blade knives are used for defense. These cool knives excel at their design and the tasks they were created to perform - which could be cooking or cutting through items like bamboo, plant stems, ropes, cables and other things that fishing hooks can easily get stuck on. 

Fixed blade knife

They are often too large for defensive purposes like being concealed up your sleeve or in your pocket so it is recommended that you find one with ergonomic grips for better control if you're looking to use it for self-defense purposes.

Since fixed blade knives are large and not very concealable it is also recommended that you get one with an ergonomic handle rather than just a plain old wood handle to make it easier to use while defending yourself. It should also have a full tang, which means that the metal used in the knife goes all the way through the handle to the end of the blade.

3. Hidden Blade Knives

You're looking for an effective, reliable and safe self-defense tool. You can use one of these hidden blade knives like comb knife, lipstick knife, pen knife etc. to help. These are the cool knives that are disguised as something else--like a key or a lipstick--and you don't have to worry about them being taken away from you when someone grabs your arm.

Hidden blade comb knife

These types of self-defense tools come in handy for those who live on their own or work late at night where it's not safe to be alone. The hidden blade knife is very easy to use and the blade can be deployed in a blink of an eye. They're also lightweight and come with key rings so you can easily carry them around.

Apart from being excellent self defense knives, they also make great gifts for caretakers, bus drivers, and seniors living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes who want to keep all of their belongings locked up securely inside a drawer while they're working around the facility with only their hands free. These weapons are designed to scare off an attacker. 

They work by projecting the illusion of a weapon while still allowing you to remain unarmed. Because they look so real, these tools could make someone think twice before attacking you or someone else in your presence. 

The sudden fear of being stabbed or cut may be enough for him or her to take their leave from the situation until they regain their composure. This allows you time to make your exit as well without being harmed in any way.

4. Throwing Knives

This weapon is an easy to use, low cost self defense tool that could save your life. Throwing knives is not realistic for most people, but if you live in a rural area and know someone who can teach you how to throw well, these are an amazing option. 

Throwing knives

You can throw a knife out of your hand and have it hit a target or cut an attacker without getting hurt yourself. Throwing knives is a better choice than throwing rocks, sticks, bats, etc. because you can throw a knife farther and with more force than you could with other items.

A throwing knife is a knife that you throw at someone, rather than use in your hand or stab them with. They range from traditional throwing knives like arrow points or spear points that you can use for self-defense to the modern throwing stars (also known as ninja stars) which are pretty much just sharpened steel balls that you could use for self defense if necessary.

They're small, lightweight and easy to conceal. The knife is quite small and thin. You can easily hide it in your pocket. The push dagger is a great tool for escaping from an attacker, being a non-lethal weapon that could be used for self defense or fighting back against an attacker.

They're not 100% effective as a weapon, but they do give you the opportunity to defend yourself more easily if attacked. Remember that only certain cool knives will work as throwing knives, which means you have to carefully consider the type of knife that you are going to use before making it.

5. Butterfly Knives

Those little butterfly knives that many of us grew up playing with as a kid may be more helpful than you realize, especially when it comes to self defense. 

Butterfly knife

Believe it or not, there are some pretty good reasons why these cool knives are ideal for self-defense. As you may or may not be aware, a butterfly knife is perfect for self-defense. So much so, in fact, that they're often used by law enforcement and military groups like the US Marines.

These weapons also come in handy when it comes to defending yourself at home and when it comes to your family as well. What makes these butterfly knives so successful is the fact that they work great because of their one-handed design. 

Perfect for the use of both right or left handers, they're easier to use than you think and with a little practice most people can become proficient with them in just a matter of moments. And, in a combat situation or when faced with the threat of danger, a matter of moments is all that's needed.

A life-or-death situation on the streets typically doesn't give you much time and waiting around to see if you can switch to your other hand in order to defend yourself isn't really an option – you need something right away.

Also, they're light – Butterfly knives typically weigh very little which means they don't cause fatigue or strain when used in combat situations. They're ideal for long periods of defense and fighting as a result.

How to Choose Your Self Defense Knife?

Do you know how to make an informed decision when selecting a self-defense knife? There are four important factors to consider when choosing the right tool: the length of the blade, the type of steel, its weight and balance, and its handle.

  • The length of the cool knives determine how fast it is, and how far it can reach. A longer blade is better for a long-distance hit, but a shorter blade can be used for close up hits.
  • The type of steel determines how much weight the knife can handle. Stainless steel knives are more expensive, but they can take more abuse than other types of knives and hold an edge longer. Carbon steel will wear down quicker than stainless, so don't be stingy on that money when you buy your first knife.
  • The weight of the knife will determine how comfortable it feels in your hand and whether you have to pry your thumb from the handle to get a good grip.
  • The balance of the knife is its fulcrum, which allows you to generate more force with less effort.