best everyday carry knives 2020

EDC knives or everyday carry knives are gradually grabbing the attention of the people. Users like outdoor enthusiasts, campers and secret agents tend to carry these knives to get their routine work done easily and quickly. 

These knives are often small pocket knives, but they feature extremely sharp blades. There are certain factors that urge people to prefer these knives. 

First of all, these cool knives are easy to carry, thanks to their foldable blades. Then, there are tactical features of these knives, such as glass breakers, fire starters, and seat belt cutters etc. 

In addition, these knives are durable and usually last longer than other knives. Therefore, they become an ideal everyday carry knives. 

Talking of ideal knives, we have enlisted the best everyday carry knives in 2020. Here are our picks, and their features explained:

1. Mtech Spring Assisted Tan Camo Knife

MTech has provides some of the best EDC knives overtime. This is one of their masterpieces. This is a camo style folding knife which offers several tactical features. 

The most dominant thing is the beauty and magnificence of this knife. This is perhaps the most gorgeous knife on this list. There is a nice artwork on the handle. Plus, a lovely color scheme. 

Mtech Spring Assisted Knife Tan Camo knife

The knife has a fantastic military shark handle. The handle is made of anodized aluminum while there is a stainless steel blade. 

This spring assisted knife promises durability and strength of the blade. There is a 3.5 inches long blade. This powerful blade combines with bomb girl art to make it look like a badass knife. 

It is an ideal knife for everyday carry. There is a pocket clip which allows you to carry it in your pocket with immense ease. 

The overall length of this knife is 8.5 inches and is ideal for secret agents who are on secret missions. Also, the general public can use it as their self defense weapon against the attackers. A comprehensively featured knife!

2. Mtech Ballistic Tactical Spring Assisted Rescue Knife

Yet another masterpiece by MTech. This is another spring assisted knife, so you can expect long term durability. A blue color scheme makes it look absolutely gorgeous. 

Above all, this everyday carry knife possesses some splendid tactical features. There is a powerful glass breaker. 

Several knives feature glass breakers. This is a tactical feature which allows you to break glass with a single or a couple strikes. 

It is a perfect knife for emergency uses. Secret agents would love this knife. They often require such a powerful knife to break glass and get out of a building that has caught fire. 

Moreover, there is a pocket clip which allows you to carry it comfortably in your pocket without the fear of losing it. The pocket clip makes sure it stays in your pocket. 

The best feature of this knife is its partially serrated blade. This makes it ideal for emergency uses. It allows you to cut seat belts. Moreover, a seat belt cutter is available with this knife. 

Most importantly, a partially serrated blade enables you to do a variety of cutting tasks. It is a complete utility knife and a handy weapon to battle the attackers as well. 

3. Tac Force Tactical Spring Assisted Knife

The previous two were Mtech knives while this one is a Tac Force special. It’s another wonderful everyday carry knife. The beauty of this knife is also unmatchable. 

As far as the handle of this knife is concerned, it is double anodized aluminium handle, and is extremely comfortable to grip, and ensures a great control on the knife while using it. 

Tac Force Tactical Spring Assisted Knife

Considering the blade, it has a black stonewashed finish, making it a lovely, and very powerful blade. The blade is thick and made of stainless steel. 

This is easily the most powerful EDC knife on this list. Assisted opening mechanism is the preferred blade opening mechanism because it provides durability and prevents malfunctioning. 

Coming to its tactical features, as expected, there is a pocket clip which ensures the ease of carrying it in the pocket. 

Seat belt cutter and glass breaker are the two important features that must be present in every EDC knife. Your EDC tools must have the ability to assist you in every possible situation. 

For your survival, you need a knife that presents such features. After an accident, the first thing you need to do is cut the seat belt and get out of the car immediately. 

If you have this knife, your chances of survival are doubled. So, glass breaker and seatbelt cutter are the essentials of everyday carry knives. 

4. Rescue Aluminium Handle Spring Assisted Knife

This is a masterpiece by Tac Force. They call it their speedster model, and it makes into our list of best EDC knives in 2020. 

This is a relatively smaller knife than the earlier knives on this list. However, it also promises beauty and elegance. There is a beautiful grey aluminium handle with a blue inlay.

The assisted blade opening mechanism makes it durable so that it lasts longer than other knives. Durability is one massive factor that makes these EDC knives the best in 2020. 

For the armed forces and police personnel on a secret rescue mission, this is an ideal knife. Thanks to its pocket clip, soldiers can carry it comfortably in their pockets.  

All the essential tactical features are possessed by this incredible knife. There is a pocket clip, a seat belt cutter and glass breaker. So, it is a complete package.

In any emergency situation, this knife can come to your rescue. For instance, if the building catches fire, you can smash and break glass with its glass breaker and get out of the building safely. 

Also, with it sharp blade, you can do all the utility cutting work. It can assist you in routine cutting tasks. 

Seat belt cutter is the other important feature which allows you to cut seat belts to rescue people who have had an accident. 

5. MTech Xtreme Spring Assisted Knife

With a black and blue G10 handle, this is our final knife on the list of best everyday carry knives in 2020. 

The strength and durability of this knife is matchless. A 3mm thick blade made of stainless steel is such a lethal blade. It can tea someone into pieces. What a powerful blade that is. 

There is a drop point on this blade most importantly which makes it a great thrusting knife. For outdoor enthusiasts and officers on a mission, this is an ideal knife.

For a camper, it can assist in the entire camping work, including constructing shelter, clearing brush, removing scales from the fish, skinning work and much more. 

Yes, the necessary tactical features are possessed by this knife. A pocket clip is there for easy carry. A seat belt cutter is there to cut seat belts in a crashed car. 

And, a glass breaker is there to assist you in emergency situations. All in all, a perfect EDC knife! 

So, Which is Your Everyday Carry Knife?

Since we have disclosed every feature of our best everyday carry knives in 2020, it is time to hear from you. 

How do you rate our EDC knives in the above list? And most importantly, what is your pick among these knives? Let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below!