5 best bows crossbow

If you are a big game hunter looking for the best crossbows, you are on the right spot. We have a list of best crossbows under $400. 

Since hunting is one of the activities that demand passion and budget at the same time. If you are passionate about hunting, you have to buy expensive hunting gear as well. 

One of the most important hunting gear is the hunting weapon. You need a weapon to take down a big game such as deer. 

This is no longer a debate about which is the best hunting weapon these days. Crossbow is by far the best hunting weapon that fulfills the needs of the hunters. 

So, for a big game hunter, it is important to have the right crossbow. Hence, we have come up with a list of crossbows that are ideal for big game hunting. 

Wait, are you on a budget? Crossbow is generally an expensive weapon. However, here is a list of best crossbows under $400 for big game hunters. Let’s explore the list and identify the best features!

1. Outdoor Hunting Crossbow

This outdoor hunting crossbow is the best when it comes to big game hunting. It is highly featured and comes with several exceptional hunting features. 

Outdoor Hunting Crossbow

Outdoor hunters would love this. It is an excellent choice for the hunters on a budget. At such a low cost of $400, you will get the best weapon to take down big game. 

If you are a deer hunter, make sure not to choose a weapon other than these. It offers great speed and accuracy while shooting. The draw weight and strength is enough to take down deer or any other big game.

2. 120 Pounds Draw Weight Crossbow

. This is another powerful crossbow for big game hunting. You can expect serious strength from a crossbow that has a draw weight of 120 lbs. 

120 Pounds Draw Weight Crossbow

Higher draw weight ensures greater speed and ability to take down big game deer. A greater draw weight also ensures greater shooting range. Hence, expect this one to offer more range, velocity and accuracy. 

At such a low cost, it is an excellent choice. This high quality crossbow is durable and designed to last longer than usual. 

For hunters on a budget, this is a perfect hunting weapon. It can stay with you for a long period of time. A right companion for deer hunters in particular. 

3. 150 LBS Eagle Compound Crossbow with Fiberglass Limb

This crossbow is even more capable and useful for big game hunting. With a draw weight of 150 pounds, it is extremely powerful and can easily knock down a huge animal.

150 LBS Eagle Compound Crossbow 

This is a larger hunting weapon on this list. It has a length of 36 inches and width of 28 inches. In addition, it comes with a fiberglass limb for better support for the hunters. 

In addition, it comes with a camo stock which offers further assistance in hunting. It comes in a package that includes 4 x 16 inch arrows and a quiver as well. An ideal hunting weapon for taking down deer. 

4. Mtech USA 180LB Crossbow - 36 Inch Gold Camo

Here is another powerful hunting crossbow. With a draw weight of 180 pounds, this is exceptionally powerful and can easily take down a deer. 

Mtech USA 180LB Crossbow

This 36 inches camo crossbow shoots darts at a magnificent speed. Also, it offers great accuracy while shooting. The draw weight of 180 lbs is enough to determine its strength. 

It can fire darts at a speed of 370 feet per second. Moreover, it comes with several tactical features, such as quiver. 

A shoulder strap comes with the package as well. This enables the hunters to carry it easily outdoors. 

5. MTech USA Composite Crossbow

With a draw weight of 150 pounds, this crossbow is great for hunting and practice. If you are a deer hunter, time has come to pick your weapon and head outdoors. 

MTech USA Composite Crossbow

MTech is known to provide some of the best crossbows over the years, and this is another masterpiece. It comes with all the comforts and features you can expect. 

It can shoot darts at a reasonably good speed of 210 feet per second. The power possessed by this weapon is enough to take down a deer. It comes with a brown wooden stock as well to ease your hunting experience. 

What’s Your Pick?

So, that’s it with the list. What is your pick among these best crossbows under $400. These are ideal hunting weapons for budgeted hunters. 

Choose any of these crossbows if you are a big game hunter. All these weapons have capability to take down big game such as deer. The draw weight is different, but the features are almost identical. 

Anyways, which is your pick among these? Pick your crossbow and let us know about your choice in the comment section below. We await to hear from you!