4.25 Inch Overall MTech Grenade handle Neck Knife - Rainbow Finish

4.25 Inch Overall In Length Rainbow Finish MTech Grenade handle Neck Knife. Includes sheath which features a clip and the neck chain.
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Part Number: MT-588RB
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There is no better place than Cutlery Wholesale if you are looking for the finest quality knives. We take pride in offering the best knives, swords, daggers and more. Explore our collection of hidden blade knives, neck knives and others to shop exceptional quality blades. Here is a knife necklace you might have been dreaming for. This is a masterpiece grenade handle neck knife that is worth a million. This is a quality knife that can be worn around the neck like a necklace. However, it is a sturdy blade that can help you do the cutting work, self defense and more. It can be your jewelry, self defense weapon, and everyday carry knife, all in one. It comes with a chain to make it wearable and a sheath to cover the blade for your safety while wearing it. 

This grenade handle neck knife is a beauty, thanks to its gorgeous color and a grenade handle style. The sheath features a clip as well. The blade is sharp enough to cut anything. Also, the knife isn't too long or large, just 4.25 inches overall length. It is a high quality knife necklace by MTech USA. Buy this neck knife in bulk at the cheapest wholesale price that is 90% less than retail price. Make sure you shop in bulk and avail our discounts that range from 5% to 20%. A 20% discount is given on orders more than $999.99. 

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