36 Inch Demon Skull Head Cane Sword

36 Inch Overall Demon Skull Head Walking Cane Sword, Featuring 12 Inch Hidden blade.
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Part Number: 5B1-SI19402-BLADE
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In the 18th century the cane replaced the sword as an essential part of a gentleman's attire. While the cane was used as a walking stick it could also be used as a sword, or contain hidden compartments for alcohol or a firearm. The great men of the last two centuries have carried canes, from Sherlock Holmes, to Gregory House and of course Scrooge McDuck. Every Gentleman Requires a Cane. This cane is not a substitute for a medical walking device.

The cane shaft has been constructed from steel with a black glossy finish. Hidden inside of the black metal shaft is a 12” hidden blade made of stainless steel, which can be accessed by unscrewing the handle. The bottom of the cane features a tough rubber gripper. The head of the cane has been constructed from steel with Demon Skull head. 

  • Cane Overall Length: 37" 
  • Blade Length: 12"
  • Handle Length: 3.5"
  • Handle Width: 6"
  • Cane Shaft Material: Steel 
  • Cane Head Material: Steel 

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