33 Inch Overall Martial Art Hardwood Training Chinese Broad Sword

33 Inch Overall Martial Art Hardwood Training Kung Fu BroadSword
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This Wooden Chinese Broadsword takes the form of the oxtail dao. The dao is a well-known and recognizable weapon commonly seen not only in popular culture but also in several forms of Chinese-based martial arts. It possesses a gently curved edge and a flaring tip, as well as a back-curving section on the reversed, blunted side of the blade. The grip is simple and contoured to fit ideally into the hand of a wielder, while the guard is little more than a simple circle meant not only to protect the hand but also keep water and other fluids away from the grip, which prevents slippage.

Please be aware that the wood construction can have differing wood tones then what is pictured above.

  • All Wood Construction
  • Great for Training
  • Has a Contoured Grip

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