Short swords are not a very commonly used weapon today, but once it was. 

It served as a primary and sometimes secondary fighting weapon for the warriors centuries ago!

A short sword is sometimes known as an arming sword. It was extremely popular during the Middle Ages when a knight had this sword hung from his belt. The original or the long sword was hung from his saddle. 

It was mainly used as a cutting weapon that could rip through the armor of a warrior. 

However, at most occasions it served as a secondary fighting weapon. The medieval warriors were equipped with both these swords for sale but the primary fighting weapon was always the long sword. 

A short sword was kept as a backup. When a fighter loses his primary sword, he had this smaller size to defend himself. 

Today, replica short swords are available in the market. However, there are more fantasy swords than real warrior swords. 

In this article, we have brought a list of most fascinating short swords available in the market. These are the most desirable swords and collectibles for enthusiasts. Learn about these swords as we explain them below: 

1. Elven Miniature Fantasy Short Sword 

Don’t think it is a dagger. It is a short sword, but what a magnificent piece for enthusiasts! It is a lovely collectible for the crazy enthusiasts who want something exceptional in their collections. 

This masterpiece is also great as a home and office decor. It comes with a loveliest sheath you would ever get for a sword. 

This sword has an 8 inches blade. A fantasy style combines with a beautiful color scheme to make it a gorgeous item. There is a scabbard too. 

The blade is made of stainless steel to give a realistic feel (you might have stuck into that fantasy style). 

2. White Wolf Miniature Fantasy Short Sword

There is not a story behind the name of this sword. You see it is a design made on the handle. 

At the top of the handle, there is a wolf miniature. This gives the badass appeal to this sword. This sword also has a pretty attractive scabbard. 

This is relatively larger than the above mentioned sword. The overall length goes to 12 inches. 

Since it is a fantasy sword, you can expect style, design and strange things attached to it, One such thing is the letter opener. It can easily open letters for you. Overall, a fabulous piece for collectors. 

3. Longclaw Miniature Fantasy Short Sword

This is another fantasy short sword and pretty similar to the one described above. Surprisingly, scabbard is almost identical. The difference lies in the design. 

At the top of the handle, there is a miniature design. These fantasy swords are known for their different and elegant designs. 

This sword is also a 12 inches long. There is a letter opener too for opening letters. The blade is made of stainless steel and looks deadly.

Overall, it's yet another masterpiece for enthusiasts to have in their collections. Also, it can be a luxurious decor item for your home or office. 

4. 14 Inch Overall Medieval Knight Dagger Short Sword

A dagger, a short sword or whatever you call it, but it is an awesome item for every enthusiast. They love to have such historical items. 

This is a greater sword than earlier ones. We’re talking about a sword of 14 inches overall length. This was a famous sword during the Middle Ages. 

However, this is the replica sword. It has a lovely design. There is a nice scabbard and overall an attractive color scheme. 

The blade is made of stainless steel to make it a real sword. The handle contains metal furnishings while the scabbard is made of wood. 

5. Short Fantasy Elven Sword Dagger

Now this short sword is 1 inch larger than the above described sword. The overall length is 15 inches but the length of the blade is just 10 inches. 

There is a powerful blade made of 440 stainless steel. You can expect it to be a real sword with immense balde strength. 

This sword comes with a very gorgeous scabbard. See closely, there is a nice design on the blade as well. The handle is black and very stylish too. 

We know it as Elven short sword in the market. This is one very popular thing among the collectors. This solid piece is a great collectible and decor item. 

6. 25 Inch Fantasy Master Short Sword

You can call this sword as a longer short sword. This is neither a long sword nor a very short dagger like sword. The overall length is 25 inches. 

However, the blade is thicker. The handle is an attractive one as well. 

There is a powerful stainless steel blade. The most desirous thing is its design. Since it is a fantasy sword, there is a unique and strange design.

But, the design is the reason behind the popularity of this sword. If you are an enthusiast, you must have been familiar with this! 

7. Demon Skull Gladius Short Sword

With an overall length of 27 inches, this is the largest short sword on this list. This is a replica roman gladius sword but there is a fantasy style. 

A demon skull design is visible on the blade (see the image below). It comes with a sheath to cover the entire sword, not just the blade.

There is a 3mm thick blade made of stainless steel. So, it is an extremely powerful sword. A two tone blade of black and satin. 

Also, it is a full tang sword, so, there is everything to urge you to get this sword in your arsenal. 

8. Blade of Frey Elven Short Scimitar Sword

Now we come to the most stylish sword on this list. This isn’t just a collectible, but much more! It appears like a scimitar, and very much is. 

You can consider it a long dagger or a short sword. The best thing about this sword is its lovely shape. There is a thick and curved blade that makes it look absolutely splendid. 

Not that just the sword is beautiful, the scabbard is awesome as well. 

The blade is made of stainless steel before you think it is just a collectible or decor item. Yes, it can be a piece to beautify your house, but it is a badass fighting sword as well. 

9. Civil War C.S.A. Nashville Plow Works Artillery Sword

This is a replica of CSA artillery sword. But, this is a short sword with an overall length of 29 inches. It is the sword with thickest blade. 

If you have this sword in your arsenal, it defined you as a real American. This is a historical sword that made a name in history specifically during the American Civil War. 

So, would you be reluctant to have this sword in your collection? We’re sure, a real enthusiast won’t. 

This is a heavy duty sword originally developed by Nashville Plow Works. However, this is a replica sword  but very close to the real one. So, get this sword and determine your passion as an American! 

10. CSA/NCO A Confederate Non-Commissioned Officers Short Sword

This is a fabulous Confederate Non-Commissioned Officers short sword. It is magnificently etched with confederate states of America (CSA) across the blade.

The overall length of the sword is around 22 inches. There is just a slight curve on the blade. 

Made of stainless steel, it is a strong sword. As far as the handle is concerned, it has a metal gold finish. 

A lovely scabbard is made of custom polished metal. So, it is a gorgeous collectible and powerful sword both at the same time. Sure, a thing that shouldn’t be missed! 

11. Dragons Tongue Warrior Short Sword

If you are really a sword enthusiast of modern era, you must have been familiar with this fantasy short sword. 

As the name suggests, it has a dragon style and quite exceptional. The length of the sword is 26 inches. 

But, we are not concerned about the length, the real thing here is the design of this sword. By appearance of the blade, it is obviously a fantasy sword. Unbelievable! 

What’s Your Pick?

So, now we come to you! Have you picked your short sword from this list? We know the choice is difficult, but come on, you must have liked a few of those. 

We have enlisted the most spectacular short swords, but our aim is to bring the ones you are looking for. So, now it is the time you find your desired one and enrich your arsenal with your favorite blades.

Be determined to tell us your favorite from this list. The comment section below awaits your response!

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