sword cane

Over the course of the last few years, certain incredible weapons have been manufactured. Today, the market is enriched with plenty of exceptional weapons, and one of those extraordinary weapons is a sword cane

Sword cane is an unmatchable thing. We have to agree that it is a masterpiece created by the manufacturers. What a fantastic job he has done by crafting such a multipurpose weapon. 

Sword cane is basically a cane, but there is a sword concealed inside it. A wooden cane holds a large blade which is concealed, and opened using a push button or any other additional device. 

Generally, it is a commonly used wooden cane which is used for walking by disabled individuals. 

However, the concealed blade inside the cane makes it a lethal weapon to be used for plenty of purposes. 

Sword cane might have been just a walking stick or real swords, but here are 11 incredible ways of using it:

1. Walking

First of all, sword cane serves as a walking stick. Because it is basically a cane, and the sword is concealed inside, you can use it for walking down the streets. 

If you ignore the blade for a second, you have a real walking cane. Hence, if you like to walk with a stick, here it is. 

You must know that walking with a cane comes with several health benefits. It improves your stamina, improves your balance and leads to loss of weight. 

So, if you want to avail these health benefits, let’s have this cane to walk with. 

Also, remember that it is a necessity for disabled or crappled individuals. They can use it as a support while they are walking. 

2. Hiking

Other than being a walking stick, sword cane is a hiking stick as well. Many people tend to purchase a hiking stick especially for hiking purposes. 

And you know that hiking sticks are too expensive. If you are living in a hilly area, you can use this cane as your hiking stick. 

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to enjoy hiking, this is the ideal thing for you. 

It allows you to hike up the hills quite easily. You can hold it firmly and get on the hiking trail. We guarantee that you will have a memorable hiking experience. 

3. Self Defense

The most significant use of sword cane is self defense. It is, in fact, the best weapon for this purpose. 

Since it is a combination of two weapons, a cane and a sword, you can use both to your advantage. 

When you have to deal with an attacker, you can first use the wooden cane to tackle him. Then, you can pull out the blade to injure him. 

You can do it simply and quickly. Without wasting your time on pulling out the blade, try to hit him with the stick first. When he is knocked down, pull the blade out and do the damage. A perfect way of defending against the attackers! 

4. A Halloween Costume

Sword cane serves as a nice halloween costume as well. Such extraordinary weapons are often seen in the hands of badass guys. 

If you want to dress up as a hardcore guy of the town, you can hold it as your halloween costume and get rid of those heavy costumes that are uncomfortable. Be simple and elegant, try such easy costumes. 

Things like sword cane are often seen in the movies, and they are used to portray characters that are bad. So, you can be a bad boy holding this as your costume.

5. A Collectible

Sword cane is a collectible for enthusiasts as well. Having said that it is a masterpiece, enthusiasts would love to have this masterpiece in their collections. 

It is a lovely thing to impress your mates. You would feel proud to have this unique type of sword in your arsenal. 

And remember you have two items in a single package. You would have a cane in your collection as well as a sword. 

6. A Decor Item

Sword cane can also be used for decor purposes. Since it is a lovely collectible, why not display it along your wall to impress your guests. 

With this unique weapon, you can beautify your houses. You can either display it as a cane with sword concealed inside it. Or, you can display them separately. If you are a creative person. you know how well you can display it. 

And not just your house, you can display it in your office as well to beautify your office. 

7. A Fashion Accessory

One of the loveliest things today is the sword cane. It can be your fashion accessory as well. I have seen many people just holding a cane to look more fashionable. 

If you are a fashionable person, you can try this as well. Other than gaining some health benefits, you can gain a different look as well. 

With a hat on your head and a cane in your hands, you would get a great personality. You can impress your girl too! 

8. A Camping Tool

Sword cane is the perfect camping tool you need if you are a camper. You may need a powerful knife for cutting work during camping, but if you have this combination of sword and cane, nothing else you really need. 

With the cane, you can comfortably walk in the landscapes. You can hike easily as well if you are camping in a mountainous area. 

Most importantly, you can use it for clearing brush and preparing shelter. You can easily cut wood and branches with the sword. 

Moreover, you can fight the wild animals that you may encounter while being in the wilderness. In other words, it can be your ultimate survival weapon. 

9. Cutting Different Materials

With a sword cane, you can also cut different materials. In fact, it is the most powerful cutter. Talk about wood or any other strong materials, it can cut it easily. 

Also, you can use the powerful blade for cutting veggies and fruits. You can use it in hunting as well, for tasks like skinning and cutting meat.

You can also use it for utility cutting. You can cut packages to open them. You can cut wires and ropes and similar items quite easily in the end.  

10. A Martial Arts Weapon

Sword cane is also a martial arts weapon. Since there is a cane as well as a sword, it becomes a combination of martial arts weapons. 

With the cane, you can learn some defensive techniques. As far as sword is concerned, you can learn the art of swordsmanship. Overall, a good weapon to have for performing martial arts.

11. A Cosplay Weapon

Other than being a martial arts weapon, sword cane can be a nice cosplay weapon as well. Since it has featured in a few movies and represents a badass character, you can replicate that character on stage being a cosplayer. 

Cosplayers love to have such fantastic things in their arsenals. They can either use cane or use sword as their cosplay weapons

Sword Cane - A Multipurpose Weapon

So, sword cane is not just a weapon, it is a tool, a walking stick and much more. In fact, it is a multipurpose thing. There is no other thing today that offers that many uses. 

If you want to avail all those benefits, all you need to do is get a sword cane is your arsenal.  It is not just your walking stick, it is your ultimate self defense weapon, your fashion accessory, your cutting tool, and much more!