best tomahawk axes

Tomahawk axe is not an ordinary axe. It is a single handed, specifically designed axe for outdoorsmen. It is a tool for chopping, splitting and cutting work. 

This special axe is a multipurpose tool that can serve plenty of purpose. It is being used as a camping tool, a cutting tool and a throwing tool. 

Axe throwing is a popular sport that includes the use of throwing axes. The Tomahawk axe is mainly used as a throwing axe to play this sport. 

Apart from that, there are several other uses. All in all, the tomahawk axe is a comprehensive outdoor tool, and for outdoorsmen, it is a must-have thing. 

However, which is the best Tomahawk axe for men? Here we have enlisted 11 best axes for men for outdoor work in 2020:

1. Tactical Axe Black Skeletonized Head Green Cord Wrapped Handle

This is a perfect outdoor tool for every outdoor enthusiast. This axe can be used for a variety of outdoor tasks; starting with outdoor games. 

Tactical Axe Black

If you are a group of friends on an outdoor trip; play a throwing sport with it. Build a wooden target and then start throwing the axe on target. 

This axe can stick into the target quite easily. Also, it is comfortable to carry since it comes with a nylon sheath. 

There is a free cord wrapped around the handle which allows you to get a comfortable and easy grip on it. It becomes easier to throw it on target. Also, you can do the small cutting work with its stainless steel blade. 

2. Viking Age Fully Functional Bearded Axe

This axe is more a collectible, but it can assist you outdoors as well. This is the most gorgeous axe on the list. 

Viking Age Fully Functional Bearded Axe

This tomahawk axe is fully functional and hand forged. It can be used for plenty of outdoor tasks. Compared to other axes, it can serve different cutting tasks as well. 

With an overall length of 30 inches, it is a massive axe and a great companion for outdoorsmen. It can serve your survival as well. 

This axe has a powerful blade that can easily stick into the wooden target. So, you can play axe throwing games with this axe as well. 

Gather your friends and build a wooden target. Now, start throwing it on target and see if it sticks into the target. You bet, it will! 

3. Perfect Point 9.5 Inch Overall Throwing Axe Satin

With satin finish, stainless steel blade, this is an ideal tomahawk axe for outdoorsmen. It has a small blade and is mainly a collectible for enthusiasts. 

Throwing Axe Satin

It can be highly useful in outdoor work, thanks to its small pointed blade. It comes with a nylon sheath to easily carry it outdoors. 

This is basically a throwing axe and it must be used for playing axe throwing games. For a bunch of friends outdoors, this is the axe to throw on target. 

Since it is small, it offers more rotation, more speed and more accuracy. Hence, a perfect throwing axe. Why not enjoy a game? Get this axe and do so! 

4. Skull Predator Fantasy Axe with Display Plaque

This is a unique tomahawk axe on the list, and indeed a masterpiece. It has a lovely design and two blades. The loveliest collectible for enthusiasts; isn’t it? 

Fantasy Axe with Display Plaque

There are stainless steel blades and ten stainless steel spikes. So, it looks like a badass fighting axe, but isn’t. It is rather collectible because the spikes and blades are not very sharp to cause injuries. 

However, this axe is a wonderful outdoor tool for outdoorsmen. It can be used for playing outdoor games. Since there are two blades, one of them can stick into a wooden target. 

Most importantly, it can serve as your survival tool outdoors. You can fend off wild animals with it and use it for cutting work. All in all, it is a great axe for outdoorsmen. For enthusiasts, there is a  display plaque to display it!

5. Medieval Double Fighting Axe with Display Plaque

Want a couple of tomahawk axes? Here they are: two axes in a single package. This is a pair of medieval fighting axes for mere display purposes. 

Medieval Double Fighting Axe

Since they come with display plaques, you can understand that these are not for fighting purposes. 

However, this lovely pair of axes is a great collectible for enthusiasts. Why not carry it outdoors to impress your outdoor fellows?

There are stainless steel blades that can be used for small cutting tasks and for playing throwing games. So, get this loveliest pair of axes in your collection and impress your outdoor mates!

6. Military Combat Axe Hatchet

Another very fine tomahawk axe for crazy enthusiasts. This axe has a very unique and stylish blade. If you see the blade, it is shaped quite differently. 

 Military Combat Axe Hatchet

Anyways, it is a fantastic axe to have in your collection. 

If you are an outdoorsman, you should have it in your collection. This military combat axe is a great collectible. Smaller in length, and ideal for playing throwing games. 

The blade can stick into the wooden target, so you can try playing a throwing game. More importantly, it comes with a nylon sheath to easily carry it! 

7. Indian style axe with smoking pipe

This Indian style axe is the best you can ever have in your collection. Most importantly, it comes with a smoking pipe. 

 Indian style axe with smoking pipe

This is a perfect addition into the package. It necessarily comes in the package. 

Indian axes are the finest axes for outdoorsmen. However, this is an Indian style axe that you can carry with your outdoors. A feather strap or a fur handle are featured in this axe. 

This is a very small axe with just a 3 inches blade. The smoking pipe makes it a great deal. If you are an outdoorsman looking for a magnificent axe; this is for you!

8. Rustic Barbarian Hammerhead Battle Axe

This is a real tomahawk axe for real outdoorsmen. With an overall length of 22.5 inches, it is massive. It is perfect for outdoor work. 

Rustic Barbarian Hammerhead Battle Axe

If you are a camper, you can use it for camping work as well. This rustic barbarian axe can be your companion outdoors. 

It comes with a bit of 9 inches and this makes it a tactical axe. It can serve as your survival tool as well. 

It is also great for everyday use and camping. The handle is made of wood and the blade is made of steel, but is not that sharp. 

9. Zombie Killer Tactical Throwing Axe With Sheath

This axe might not seem as able to serve cutting work, but it does. There is a Surgical Stainless Steel blade that can be used for routine cutting and chopping work. 

Zombie Killer Tactical Throwing Axe

The handle is made of aluminium and is a comfortable handle. It offers, not just comfortable, but strong grip, making it easy to work with. 

This is a beautiful handle and can be a great collectible for outdoor enthusiasts. As an outdoorsman, you can carry it with you. It comes with a sheath; making it easier to carry. Overall, a lovely tomahawk throwing axe that can serve multiple purposes. 

10. Full Tang Tactical Tomahawk Throwing Axe Hatchet

This small tomahawk hatchet axe is another fantastic axe on this list. It has a full tang blade, so expect it to be extremely powerful.

Full Tang Tactical Tomahawk Throwing Axe

There is a camo cord wrapped handle which ensures a strong grip. There is a nice sheath as well to easily carry it outdoors. 

Like many other axes on the list, this is another fine axe for outdoorsmen. It has a steel blade that can help in cutting work. Also, remember there is a full tang blade which gives strength. 

The nylon sheath is an impressive one. So, have this axe in your arsenal for a perfect outdoor experience. 

11. Black Tactical Combat Throwing Axe Hatchet Tomahawk

This is another tactical tomahawk axe for tactical uses. However, it is perfect for outdoor use. With a black cord wrapped handle, it is an impressive axe that offers a great grip. 

Black Tactical Combat Throwing Axe

It features a thick stainless steel blade for cutting and chopping different materials. The stainless steel blade is also wider than other axe blades. Excellent for heavy duty cutting tasks. 

A nylon sheath is there to protect the blade while carrying it. For sporting purposes, it is just the axe you would want. It can stick into a wooden target perfectly!

Choose Your Tomahawk Axe?

So, which is your Tomahawk axe for outdoor work? Anyone you choose; it can meet your outdoor needs. These are the best we had to offer. 

Anyways, let us know about your choice. Tell us which axe is your favorite and why in the comment section below!