best pocket knives

Pocket knife has captivated the attention of all types of users, specifically outdoorsmen. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts absolutely love these knives. 

There are many reasons why outdoorsmen find them advantageous. We can count many, but importantly, these cool knives are easy to carry. 

A pocket knife is a small sized knife with a folding blade. There is a deployment mechanism that allows you to fold and open the blade quickly. 

In addition, this knife is safe to carry and you don’t need a sheath to cover the blade. A safety lock keeps the blade in the folded or opened position. 

Outdoorsmen can use this knife for a variety of purposes. From small cutting work to survival, these knives can serve almost every purpose for these enthusiasts.

However, the question for these people is which are the best pocket knives? Well, with such a significant variety of knives available in the market, it is difficult to figure out the best ones. 

To ease the decision for the outdoorsmen, we have come up with a few best pocket knives. These are the knives that are proven-effective for these individuals.  

So, why are these the best knives? Let’s explore their features and the reasons that make them the best pocket knives for outdoorsmen!

1. Mtech Spring Assisted Knife Tactical Knife USA Flag

Let us describe this knife to you first before we move to its outdoor advantages. This knife has a USA flag on it, so it will make you a proud American. 

Spring Assisted Knife Tactical Knife

The knife has an overall length of 9 inches. There is a 3.75 inches 3cr13 steel blade that can help in every type of cutting work. 

The knife has a spring assisted blade and hence, you can expect it to be durable and serve you for a long time. 

The knife comes with a pocket clip, and as an outdoorsman, you would love it. It makes it easier for you to carry the knife while travelling through landscapes. 

This pocket knife is promising! It can help you build shelter, prepare food by cutting meat and vegetables, and fend off wild animals. So, for a camper, it is a complete package!

2. Sophisticated Elk Ridge Manual Lockback Pocket Knife

This is a manual pocket knife and is as useful a knife for an outdoorsman as any other knife. It has  a beautiful color scheme of black and blue. 

Elk Ridge Manual Lockback Folding Pocket Knife

The knife has an Elk Ridge logo on the blade that adds to its magnificence. With a pakkawood handle and a 3cr13 steel blade, it promises immense strength. Perfect for an outdoor enthusiast.

Since this is a manual folding knife, you have to fold or open the blade by yourself, but this makes it safer to carry. Campers often suffer accidental injuries due to accidental blade deployment; impossible in case of this knife. 

Apart from being safe, this knife can serve in all tasks related to camping, hunting and survival.

3. Spring Assisted Knife Blue Dragon Pocket Knife

This is a fantasy pocket knife, and recommended as the best survival knife for outdoorsmen. 

Spring Assisted Knife Blue Dragon Pocket Knife

This knife is more like a fighting knife, but it is equally useful in routine cutting tasks. 

This knife has a powerful steel blade with a lovely dragon design on it. Also, there is a sharp point which would help in survival against the wild animals. 

Campers are often attacked by wild animals during camping. When you are equipped with this knife, it can work as a survival weapon to save you from these deadly animals. 

This spring assisted knife has a pocket clip for easier carry and a safety ring which ensures form grip and control on the knife. Overall, a great outdoor knife!

4. Tac-Force Rescue Style Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

This is a masterpiece by Tac Force. This is a rescue knife, a camping knife, an emergency knife and a utility pocket knife. 

Tac-Force Rescue Style Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

It promises a lot, and is recommended on behalf of Cutlery Wholesale. 

When enlisting the best outdoor knives, it has to break into the list. It comes with several features that assist the outdoorsmen. 

First of all, there is a pocket clip to easily carry it in your pocket. Secondly, there is a half serrated blade that can be used for a variety of cutting tasks. 

It comes with a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker. These features are quite advantageous for outdoor enthusiasts because they would need them every now and then. 

So, this knife is not just meant for camping, it also offers emergency uses! 

5. Mtech Rainbow Tinite Coated Spring Assist Folding Pocket Knife

Those outdoor enthusiasts who love gorgeous and stylish knives, here is a masterpiece for them. A cool knife that you would love to carry on your outdoor missions. 

Rainbow Tinite Coated Spring Assist Pocket Knife

A 3cr13 steel blade of 3.5 inches is extremely useful in cutting work you need to accomplish while camping. It features a frame lock system and is safe to carry for long distances. 

It has a pocket clip attached to it as well which allows campers to easily carry it in their pockets. The handle is a cool one as well and offers a strong grip. A really wonderful outdoor knife by the way!

6. Speedster Model Action Spring Assist Opening Folder Knife

Another cool pocket knife for cool outdoorsmen. This is the most stylish mirror knife for the crazy enthusiasts who love such classic knives. 

Speedster Model Action Spring Assist Opening Folder Knife

A stainless steel mirror finish handle and a stainless steel blade; what a combination? It is not just a gorgeous knife; it is extremely advantageous for outdoorsmen. 

This spring assisted knife has a 2.5mm thick blade. Expect it to be pretty useful for all sorts of cutting tasks. Also, it includes a pocket clip. So, you want a camping knife; why not this loveliest knife?

7. All Black Drop Point Blade Spring Assisted Knife

This is another spring assisted knife and one of the best pocket knives around. It has a great black color, but more important is the strength of the knife. 

Black Drop Point Blade Spring Assisted Knife

There is a stainless steel blade with a drop point. A drop point on the blade makes it useful for a variety of outdoor tasks. It can specifically assist in constructing shelter. 

Moreover, it is an excellent survival knife; thanks to the sharp drop point. It almost ensures your survival every time you encounter a wild animal in the wilderness. So, it is a perfect knife for campers. 

8. MTech USA Gold Color Wrench Pocket Knife

Not just that it looks like a wrench; it really works as a tool for outdoorsmen. 

Gold Color Wrench Spring Assisted Pocket knife

Pocket knives are in fact tools that are carried on a routine basis to get everyday tasks done with ease. 

This knife by the way has a beautiful gold finish and has a wrench design on it. It comes with a pocket clip; an indication that it is made for outdoorsmen. 

Then, there is a steel tinte coated blade that helps in almost every cutting task that campers and outdoorsmen need to accomplish. So, this spring assisted knife is as useful as any other outdoor knife on this list! 

9. Spring Assist - 'Legal Auto Knife' - Tactical POLICE Rescue

As the name suggests, it is a tactical knife, but it is more than just a tactical knife. 

Tactical POLICE Rescue

This knife comes with several magnificent features, making it one of the best pocket knives in the world.

The knife has a sharp carbon steel blade and has brutal strength to cut any material. So, expect it to be excellent for food preparation and shelter building work. 

Moreover, this knife comes with rescue features and can serve your survival in the wilderness and emergency situations. 

There is a cord cutter, a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker. All these features make it a must-have knife for the outdoorsmen. 

10. Orange Camo Handle Spring Assisted Knife With Pocket Clip

This camo style knife is one of the best pocket knives in 2020. It is an ideal knife for enthusiasts who want strong and durable knives to assist them outdoors. 

Orange Camo Handle Spring Assisted Knife

Camo handle of this knife offers a powerful grip. There is a black finish stainless steel blade which offers enormous strength and durability. 

This knife can assist in almost every outdoor work including camping. The knife has a pocket clip for easier carry. So, if you want just a knife that comes up as a tool to fulfill your outdoor needs, this is your knife!

11. Confederate States Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife

Would you prefer a knife that represents confederate states of the US? Well, here it is! A pocket knife with a confederate states flag designed on its handle. 

Confederate States Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

Like all other knives, it also has a pocket clip for easily carrying it. This gorgeous knife promises blade strength. 

A 3cr13 steel blade can cut even the harder materials. Think of any cutting task while you are outdoors; this knife can do it!

The aluminium handle is also a considerable feature of this knife. The confederate flag adds to its magnificence and makes it a great knife for outdoorsmen in 2020. 

Choose Your Pocket Knife?

Are you an outdoorsman? So, which is your chosen pocket knife from the list? Make sure to let us know about the knife that fulfills your needs. 

However, we assure that any knife you choose from the list promises to meet your needs as a camper or outdoorsmen. So, pick your knife and make your outdoor experience memorable!

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