deadly knives

The term “deadly” refers to something extraordinary. At times, this term is used to define a lethal weapon that can cause a lot of damage, or can cause death. 

Cool Knives are often regarded as deadly weapons. These are bladed weapons that can cause severe injuries. This is why knives have been used for warfare. 

Over the years, several knives have been constructed, but a few were absolutely magnificent. We have enlisted 10 deadliest knives that have been the best to have ever constructed. Here are our picks: 

1. US 1918 Mark I Trench Knife

Mark I Trench Knife is the deadliest knife ever built. It is a historical knife used during the First World War. It was constructed for the US soldiers battling in the trenches. 

Trench Knife

It was the best weapon for close quarter combat because it featured knuckles. The soldiers were able to wear those knuckles and then use the blade to fight their opponents. 

Trench knife was like today’s brass knuckle knives. A long and powerful blade was attached to the knuckles. It was used as a primary fighting knife during World War I. 

In the Second World War, it was again used as a secondary fighting knife. Firearms served as major warfare weapons.

2. Stiletto Knife

Stiletto knife is an Italian knife, and one of the most lethal knives ever. It was earlier used in Italy by the burglars before it became popular all around the world. 

stiletto knives

The knife features a long slender blade, and has a look of a dagger. Most importantly, there is a sharp point on the blade. 

The sharp point allows the balde to penetrate deeply into the body. This makes it a powerful thrusting and stabbing knife. 

The blade can penetrate deeply and cause long term wounds and injuries. So, it is definitely a very dangerous knife. 

3. Push Dagger

Push dagger is a short dagger, popularly used for self defense these days. It is the smallest dagger ever constructed, and also the deadliest. 

push dagger

Push dagger is designed as a great close quarter combat weapon. It has a T-shaped handle and a thick and short blade attached to it. 

The T-shaped handle enables a great and comfortable grip on the knife. It is impossible to disarm the user even when a brawl is underway in close quarter. 

The thick and short blade is lethal enough to cause serious injuries. The blade possesses tremendous power to thrust into the body. 

4. Machete

Machete is an enormously powerful and a giant knife. It is popularly used by the butchers for cutting meat. Imagine the power that its blade possesses. 


Machete has a thick and a very long blade. The handle is not that long, but the blade is. This giant knife can easily be one of the deadliest knives ever constructed. 

Apart from being a massive knife, it is also very strong. You can easily cut harder materials with this blade in a very comfortable and easier manner. 

Machete is not just used for cutting meat. It can assist in skinning, scaling and other heavy duty cutting tasks.

5. Karambit Knife

Karambit knife hails from the Philippines and is one of the historical knives. It is known for its deadly, curved blade. 

karambit knives

Karambit was used as an agricultural tool and a self defense weapon in the Philippines before it became popular in other parts of the world. The strong blade made it easier to cut crops. 

The curved blade makes karambit a great slashing action. It is a perfect knife for silent killing. It can cut the strongest materials with ease. That curve on the blade makes it a deadly and dangerous knife.  

6. Bowie Knife

Bowie knife was designed by James Bowie and it deserves to be on the list of deadliest knives. This is another massive knife with immense blade power. 

Bowie knives

Bowie knife is an allrounder knife that can be used for all sorts of heavy duty cutting tasks. It is a great hunting knife, thanks to its curved top clip bevel. Also, there is a straighter portion of the blade edge. 

So, this unique design of the blade makes it suitable for different cutting tasks. It can easily cut meat. Also, it can be used for skinning game, cutting heavier materials and removing fish scales etc. Such is the strength of the blade. 

7. Gut Hook Skinning Knife

Gut Hook knife is a special knife with a gut hook blade. This is a specially designed blade with a spine having a sharpened semi-circle. This makes it a great skinning knife

In fact, the purpose of a gut hook blade is to accomplish skinning game. Its design enables the user to do field dressing in an easier and quick manner. 

The blade is extremely powerful and serves skinning and slicing tasks. One of the deadliest knives ever built. 

8. Butterfly Knife

Butterfly knives had to feature in this list of deadliest knives. This is a unique knife with certain exceptional features. Even the users of this knife believe that it is a very dangerous knife to handle. 

butterfly knives

This is the reason why most people tend to use fake versions of butterfly knives in the beginning. It has been responsible for injuring many users. 

The strange mechanism of this knife makes it extremely difficult to handle it for the unfamiliar users and beginners. 

Butterfly knife is also called a balisong knife and it features two handles and one very sharp blade. The blade usually remains concealed between the handles and can be opened when required. 

9. Full Tang Knives

Full tang knives are the strongest and most durable knives. These are often differentiated from the half tang knives. 

full tang knives

A full tang knife has a blade that goes to the full length of the knife handle. A half tang blade goes to the partial length of the handle. 

This makes full tang blades more powerful and long lasting. This immense blade power makes these knives deadly. Such knives are often used by the military personnel who require heavy duty cutting knives. 

10. Straight Razor

You may not consider a straight razor as one of the deadliest knives. But, we do. This is the most powerful razor that works a knife. It is basically a folding knife because the razor is able to be folded inside the handle. 

A razor is like a blade and it does help in cutting different materials. It works exactly like a real folding knife, but it's blade promises to be more deadly. 

This straight razor can do more than a smooth shave. You can use it for cutting the hardest materials with ease. And yes, it is very lethal when it comes to battling the attackers. 

So, these were our picks for the deadliest knives ever constructed? Would you like to edit our list? We hope you won’t because we have chosen the most lethal knives to break into this list!